What is Aqualyx and what happens during treatment?
Aqualyx is a compound of a substance called deoxycholic acid and essentially it absorbs the fat and you pass it out through the kidneys naturally. The treatment is a series of injections using a special needle called a cannula and it takes about an hour to do the procedure but we’ll be essentially injecting the areas that need treating with the Aqualyx.

Which areas can be treated with Aqualyx?
The commonest areas that are treated are under the chin, the double chin area, the stomach, front of the stomach, the sides, the saddle bags and around the hips. The knees can also be treated as well.

How many treatments are required?
It can take anywhere between two to eight treatments. On the whole, we recommend two to four treatments but we normally review how you’re progressing and then make a decision at that stage of how many further treatments are required.

What is the aftercare?
Usually it’s uncomfortable for a few days. And it can be uncomfortable for up to two weeks. So normally we recommend taking painkillers. You can start exercising after about a week or so, but the commonest problem is the discomfort from the procedure.

How quickly will I see results?
You will see the results after about four to five weeks. Normally there is swelling after the treatment and once that has settled down you will start to see results.

Am I suitable for Aqualyx?
We’ll do a full consultation and discuss your needs and requirements and at that stage we can tell you if you’re suitable for Aqualyx.

Are there any side effects of Aqualyx?
Side effects include swelling, and there’s always a possibility of infection, there can be some bruising as well and pain and discomfort. The pain and discomfort usually lasts up to a week or so and then generally it settles down.

Is it a safe treatment?
If it’s done in the right hands, it is a safe treatment. Absolutely.

Is there any down time?
For the first three to four days, there will be some discomfort and so it is usually just better to rest and take it easy for the first few days. But after that, there is minimal down time.

Will the fat come back?
The fat won’t come back as long as you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Is the treatment painful?
The treatment can be uncomfortable. However, we put some anaesthetic mixed in with the Aqualyx to make it more comfortable.

Is there any discomfort after treatment?
There will be some discomfort after the treatment and initially you get some swelling and bruising. So that is to be expected.

At what point should I consider a surgical fat removal procedure instead?
Aqualyx is designed for localised ares of fat which are more stubborn and difficult to get rid of if you’re maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. So if there are multiple areas that need treating then it may be worth a surgical opinion.

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